The history of our hairstyling studio in this 3000-year-old town, at this very address Sergijevaca Street 43, began unfolding over a hundred years ago in 1905. Due to this long tradition, several generations of my family have made this profession an integral part of our lives. Four generations of my family have taken care of our clients’ appearance for a whole century. Beginning with my grandfather, then my mother, me, and now my son, we have lived through the history of hairstyling and we made our mark on it, too. Drawing from our long tradition and experience, we know that the only way to remain constantly present on the market is by broadening knowledge through education and adapting to new trends. Hairstyling is a big creative business that constantly evolves and is always on the rise, and, because of that, it needs a modern approach in education. We understand the importance of education in our business, and we have been attending educational courses in the most prestigious academies.

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